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Default I found the solution

ok so just to let you guys know, I found the solution,

My frist mistake was to google the problem as "maya subdivision not showing", I found out that my problem were not subdivision but missing "INPUTS" so I googled the issue as "INPUTS not showing in maya"

and found this solution:

Quit Maya
Then you have to find your prefs folder in maya 2009 and delete it
When you restart maya it will start with its default settings
I cant tell you where to find it on windows cause I use a mac for me its
If your worried about deleting a folder just move it to eg: desktop so you can always replace it if you need
Hope this helps

Basically the only thing needed to fix this was to delete the "prefs" folder and now is working, I though this was needed to be posted here for any further reference regarding the same issue.

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