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HAHAHAHAHA Bayformers = is the mess of movies that Micheal Bay has released the last few years under the name transformers - pissing on my childhood (when the transformers were Great). I understand some changes were needed but he took it too far - and as for the racest useless brother transformers he used in the second one, I am really not quite sure how he is able to make a 3rd.

I like the Van idea - think it goes really well with the reggea idea and with the paint job idea i think it could really pay off.

Failing that there is one really cool kit car from the 70`s you could use - just because of the name and no one would have built one of these in 3D yet ....
The Fiberfab Jamaican.

Fiberfab Jamaican Kit Car Images

All my images are in HD - Plz right click and view image.

3D Molder at

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