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April Challenge_Lo Poly game character (New design)

Hey all despite not announcing a winner as yet for the March challenge until more entries are in, I thought I'd launch the April challenge.

So... I would like to see a new take or look of a game character of your choice that is already out there, you can style it/make it into whatever you like eg: male into female or vice versa, or mechanical into organic or all of the above.

Use you imaginations once again to run riot.


Name threads as: April Challenge_Lo PolyCharacter_Your name

Post a pic of the character of your choice that you intend to change.

All models in by end of April ,textured or not, as its the design we are after.

Final image sizes to be 1024 or if you do a video turntable, use viable links to the usual sites or one of your own. Or even using the open gl high quality render setting to show it off in real time would be ideal. Providing your machines can handle it

Max polycount 16000, should be enough for a good amount of detail.

texture sizes 1024, basically color, spec, bump and normal maps only

no SSS

no hair or Fur, transparencies for hair is still the norm for games really

and no poly smooth preview on the final mesh......

You can use Zbrush or other software capable of adding detailed Normal maps if you want as well. good luck