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Oh totally, so annoying when I started out with Maya, .
My advice would be to constantly learn and improve your technical ability and your artistic eye at a balanced rate, constantly strive for high quality and if you are unable to achieve it, re-evaluate what you know and try and find the best practice.
Know what good looks like, or you cannot achieve it.

This means plan everything, don't just open Maya and start straight ... do all the ground work first, it will make all the difference.

Be very aware that Maya is one of many programs that do very similar things and when learning try to understand the core principles behind what is going on rather than the subtleties of Maya and where to find the right button for the job, this will allow you to problem solve in a much more flexible way, at this point you can imagine and create your own tools or solutions rather than rely on preset routes.

Set realistically sized projects for yourself that are just beyond the scope of your knowledge, if it is too grand and un-achievable then you will only disappoint yourself.

These forums have been pivotal for my learning curve, I love to help problem solve user issues, its an excellent refresher and forces me to question my own practices and when I was learning CGI on my own it was great to have somewhere to talk about my passion.

Unlike cgtalk and other places it isn't about throwing your weight around, and although cgtalk does have its merits I find the approachability and unity of simply maya its strength.

Honest-passionate people.

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