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I think it comes down to priorities..., I would make a series of list in each 'department' of the computer build then plug in prices for the different components so that they add up to the target price (including taxes and all that crap)- this way you can look at the different elements and either get a balanced system or focus on getting the best video card possible but skipping the SSD for an IDE or whatever. I think the graphics card is and RAM are where you try to get the best performance/price but I'm a newbie- get the fastest everything you can afford.

This way you can show the list to the person who wants the new deck and you can talk about it for endless hours, switching components in the lists until you go crazy.

Just a thought.

Hi everybody!

My friend uses Maya and needs a new computer. She has a macbook pro, but it is slow rendering and overheats badly. Her budget is $1000 and she also needs a new monitor.

Is this a good system for what she is trying to do?

As far as monitors go, should she be looking for anything in particular?

What type of video card would be recommended?

Any advice would be appreciated.