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control curves rotation axis coinciding with joint rotation

Hi there,
I don’t know if anyone else has had this problem - but it is confounding us. When setting up a simple FK control curve on say the wrist for example, many times the control curve isn’t exactly perpendicular to the local rotation axis of the joint movement, so when we position the control curve to be perpendicular to the joint - it has a rotational value added, but the rotational handles are lines up with the rotational handles of the joint that we want to move.

Freeze Transformations: then the control curves rotational handle go back to being skewed (out of alignment with the joints)

We want to Freeze transformations before constraining the curve, but we’d really to keep those rotations control handles to remain aligned with the joints rotational handles. This will make it an exact control when animating - grab the rotational handle of the curve, rotate it, and the joint will move exactly in the proper direction.

Any ideas about how to get the rotational handle of any control curve to run perpendicular to the shape after freezing transformations?