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Human Hand (using my newly aquired Simply Maya skills!)

Hi all,

I was on here about a month ago showing off stuff I had done with little to no knowledge of how to use Maya properly and I've made significant progress since then.

The most recent and biggest step in furthering my understanding of Maya came from a tutorial which I purchased from this site; the low poly modelling tutorial with the little tribal guy. Prior to this I had only been using the modelling methods outlined in the Maya 2012 documentation, which is less than in-depth, so I'd like to say a big thanks to Simply Maya for providing me with that resource!

Here's my latest WIP which is a human hand, I'd upload my first (pre-tutorial) attempt at it but it's so bad it'd have you all in stitches! Everything I make is intended for use in games so I try to cut back on polygons wherever I can, I think I'm achieving that with this model.

Of course I've only worked on the left side of the hand, the pinky and the ring finger, but it's getting there! I don't have any imageplanes to work from so I'm just stopping and looking at my own hand from time-to-time for reference user added image

If anyone else who's reading this has bought any Simply Maya tutorials, which ones would you recommend for someone working with games? I intend to purchase one to do with animation when I have a few characters ready to go into UDK. I can do animation already, but that's what I said about polygon modelling before I bought the tribal guy tutorial!



Model looks pretty much done to me, time for UV unwrapping? Criticism welcome user added image

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