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Here's my new concept which I think is way more fun. It's a large open office space for cg artists. The room is inspired by lava. There's a huge lava lamp from floor to ceiling in the corner. Near the lamp is a meeting area where people can share their storyboards and have other discussions. There are two levels of bookshelves and to access the top level, you have to cross a rope bridge. You can't see it but to get up to the rope bridge you go up steps that resembles a rock mound (sort of) but it's just black carpeted organic shapped steps (hard to explain). The main floor is black glossy granite with orage tile in shapes of cracks. The walkway is laid in removable sections. Why? Because it's broken up sand-blasted black granite laid on top of plexiglass and grouted with a clear polyurethane. Under the plexiglass is reddish orange lighting to give a subtle but super cool lava effect. There's a recessed area in the floor which will have orange carpeting and contain desks with cool rock like dividers. There's also a seating area which will have couch, bean bags, seating cubes, couple of tables, etc. The walls are mostly grey. At the top of the walls, lava is painted so that it looks like it's coming down the walls. There's a huge sky light. It's the opening of the volcano sort of speak. I'll probably break up the area with various types of cool dividers. I'm also probably going to have a hallway underneath the rope bridge to add a little more character to the room. Either that or some mirrors.

My goal is to make the office space very creative, fun, and unique. I want it to be original and functional. Hope you like it.

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