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My dream office challenge - Puneet.3d

Hi my dear friends user added image I am back gain. user added image i can see many same participants from the "My fav: toy challenge" and me too user added image .. again its gonna be very very tough for the judges..user added image
well as far as the idea for this challenge is concerned i want to make it out of this world as this is dream office challenge. user added image in fact this will help me in making my real office toouser added image heheh.
So my idea is to design office related to aqua life. under sea life. So i have decided to give a look of Sea shell to m officeuser added image Outer will be a kind of sea shell. i will be designing a separate waiting room for my customers where they will love to wait if i am busy in kind of meeting user added image the couches and seats will be designed kind of shells and fishes. well in reception area i will give a look of waterfall from the wall made of shells and stones studded on it. walls of my office will not be straight as i am trying o show interior of a shell and sea life. in my cabin the main thing will be my work desk and that will be in the shape of a mermaid user added image.

well i have decided to use multicolor glasses cut in different shapes to be fixed in the wall from where when lights will enter it will like heaven on earth. user added image this is my idea.. and work will be posted soon user added image

good luck to all user added image