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Mental Ray sss overall colour problem

Hi, I was wondering if anyone could help me out on a problem I keep encountering in Maya, I am setting up the sss shading network for skin, and I am pluging in multiple layered textures for diffuse colour, epidermal, etc. So everything in the sub surface scattering menu is plugged in and works fine, however when I am ready to plug in my specular layerd texture into overall colour in specularity, for some reason Maya freezes. What is more odd, is that I just plugged in some random texture and it did not freeze. Even more strange, I duplicated a layered texture that was already plugged into the sss shader and plugged it into the overall colour option, and it worked fine, now when I changed the textures to the one I want, the face spec worked, but the body and limbs do not, this is the same for the primary specular colour.


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