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Open Office - Final Entry for the "My Dream Office-Challenge"

Hey there

so, I will start with posting the first final entry, since I will not have the time to do any further corrections and I am actually very happy with the result so far.

Well, I have created this scene because I thought that everytime we are in stress we wish to escape from work. People sometimes dream of the sea or some even think of going into a parallel universe user added image but I actually didnt want to go too far away. I thought a peaceful place above the city would be a nice and interesting spot to put a desk and a chair. Some would probably do a picknick up there, i´d rather put a desk there. user added image
Its almost like a imaginary window looking out TO the work, to the city, to the life going on there and being maybe far away from the work, but maybe not too far away from our famillies or home or something like that.

The grass is rendered in proxies, the scene is actually split into several layers. The big peaces are the city and the foreground elements. For more convinience and controll I have created a couple of renderlayers for the postwork.
I have rendered in 32 bits and made a basic lighting/exposure correction before converting back to 8 bits and doing a quite massive postwork on the image. You can see that in my WIP-Thread.

Well...thats it sooo,...I hope you like it and Im looking forward for all the other entries and wish good luck! user added image

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