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What do you mean by reversing the direction, I need to have these two curves connected in this exact manner.

Curves and surfaces have a direction. Select one of the curves and and the control vertex option and you should see a box and a U shape at one end. Moving along the curve from the box to the U shape is the curves direction.

What version of maya are you runing? In maya 2012 the two closest ends should be attached. After the attach you should see Reverse 1 & 2 in the channel box. Maya 2012 will automatically reverses the curve direction of the second curve selected in order to make the last vertex of one curve the closest vertex to the first vertex of the other curve.

I do not recall this was always the behavior of older versions of maya. I want to say no because this behavior of trying to attach the wrong edges used to happen and manually ensuring the curves had the same direction was the fix.

Here is a short video that will hopefully give you a better idea about what is happening and how to fix it....

tip attaching curves - YouTube

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