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Mythbusters Inspired Newtons Cradle

Hey All,

If any of you are Mythbusters fans and have been watching the current series then you will have seen the Newton's Cradle episode (

They scaled up a Newton's Cradle to extreme measures to Bust, Comfirm or make Plausable this video from the current Kit Kat advert.
Kit Kat crane advert - YouTube
Where bored crane drivers create a Newton's Cradle from 5 demolishion balls. I am unsure if you guys 'n' galls in the US get Kit kats or have even seen the Ad, but it airs here in the UK. Anyway I digress...

The inspiration from this is to model, create and render out a dynamic desktop version of a Newton's Cradle into video. So far I have spent about 2 and 1/2 hours modelling, UVing (there was not a lot of it to be done tbh) and rendering.

The arches were created from NURBS Objects and Curves and then converted into Polygons, for that smooooooooth feel.

So here is the initial wireframe:
user added image

And here is the test render:
user added image

I have rendered out:
  1. An envSphere for reflections
  2. A DGS_Material for the chrome arches
  3. Image based lighting using the same hdr image as the env sphere
  4. a phonge for the wood base with a modified mahonany texture from The Area
  5. a flat very dark grey lambert for the rubber holders
  6. Rendered in MR with FG on

I need to touch up the base to smooth it out, I did convert it to a Sub-D, keeping UV layout from the poly object, but it messed up the texture placement, so any tips would be cool.

This is the reference image. I took some artistic licence as I only have this one view. Let me know what you think!

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