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First thing I would check is by chnaging the views in Maya, by pressing:

4 for wireframe
5 for shaded
6 shaded with textures
and finally 7 for 6 with lighting

If any of these do not change or 7 shows a black screen instead of what you expect and 4, 5 and 6 are all OK. Then there are issues with your lighting set up, and if thats the case then I would remove all objects from all render layers and try again. If there is still an issue then:

1) Export the object or any other objects you want. One would be good enough (with all materials and textures)
2) create a new project
3) import exported model and copy over your sourceimages to the new project
4) create a new light and see if that lights anything up by pressing 7

If this does not solve your issues and you have done a clean install then I am going to have to say there is a graphics issue.

Also, I need to ask:

1)how long is the render taking? Has there been a huge drop off in time to render since you got the problem
2)have you click the alpha button in the render view to see if it is rendering any objects?

All I can say is Good Luck

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