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glass and shadows problem

I've been having some issues with lighting a large scene I'm working on so I decided to make a small "lighting model" and work it out there.

  • I have a stained glass window with light coming through it.
  • I also have a clear glass window with a sphere behind it. i made a border to catch light and cast shadows.
  • I have two spot lights with ray trace shadows turned on. one pinkish throught the Stained glass and one greenish over the sphere. colors are just to make them easy to discern.

  • my stained glass shader is a mia_material with PSD file node connected to both the diffuse color (mostly so I can see it) and the refraction color node with transparency turn up to 1
  • (see picture)
  • my clear glass is a mia_material preset thin glass - nothing changed from stock.
  • everything else is default lambert1.


As you can see from my render, the stained glass is casting great stained glass shadows.
And the clear glass window is transparent.

Shadows are passing through the clear glass
--- you can see the stainglass shadow after it goes through the clear glass and you can see the green spot shadow after it has gone through the clear glass.

BUT the shadows ( both the Stained glass and the green spotlight) are not visible THROUGH the clear glass.
the sphere is white where it should have both stained glass and green light shadows. And the ground plain also has no shadows cast when looking through the clear glass.

What am I doing wrong?

Is there a better way to make glass then the Mia_material?

user added image

Stained glass shader:
user added image

clear glass shader:
user added image