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so that worked for the green spot (If someone wants to explain way I would much appreciate it).
It worked equally as well with 2 or 3 or 6 ray depth limit... so i figure I should keep it low to keep rendertime down.
Thanks for that GecT!

original ray depth limit 1:
no through glass shadows
user added image

fixed ray depth limit 3:
shadows are fine for the lambert1 polygons - but the stainedglass shader still no shadow.
When the clear glass is hidden, you can see stained glass refraction on the sphere and floor - but even with ray depth up, you can't see it through the glass.
But it didn't work for the stained glass COLOR... it worked for the window frame. you can see that on the floor.
Actually the polygon that has the stained glass is shadowed through the glass - just no color refraction
Any ideas why?
Color is from the file attached to the refraction node
user added image

Glass hidden:

here you can see color shadow on sphere and floor
user added image