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proper connection: mia_material_x + normalMap

dear folks,

I´ve come around that issue many times, but always ended up by using a bumpmap instead of normalMap, because it simply doesn´t work. there are numerous tutorials about connecting mia_material and normal maps but each and every explanation seems to really miss the point there.

the main issue is that by default the texture file is always connected to the bump2dNode through the alpha channel, which by definition doesn´t pass RGB values. it may be that by switching the bump2d from bump to tangent space normals the shader somehow grabs RBG values nonetheless, but I doubt it. still, normalmaps somehow work but adjusting bump2d´s intensity has no effect at all. (it seems to use a value of 1) additionally there is no visual difference if a bump or normal map is used.

has anyone ever used normalmaps successfully with the mia_material_x?


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