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@nov2011: Cheers. Yeah, I'm going to drop Tesco and AJs. I will change the production to post-production VFX. That would be a good idea to break the freelance work up into individual jobs, but I was doing the freelance stuff a few years ago when I was a kid. I worked on maybe 3 projects user added image And two of them I lost contact with... long story. But, they basically hired me to make a bunch of web banners, paid me $40 and a dvd of pirates of the caribbean user added image lol Then thought that they owned me now, and wanted me to work on their game for free. The same story almost for the second, only it was a mod group... good times. And the third was a friend, and it was unpaid. I'm already exaggerating having it on my CV as it is... I wont break it down any further... great idea though, cheers. Plus the work sucked. user added image

@Dom: Yeah, cheers. "Post-production VFX" sound good?

@Graham: Thanks mate. I'm not a fan of the portfolio you posted as an example... user added image sorry. I know what you mean though, and it's something I've been thinking about, have a pile of thumbnails on a single page with contact info stored on a separate page. I don't like the lack of refinement though. It's hard to break individual projects down, renders, clays, wires, etc. Maybe loosing the contact bar, and adding more thumbnails to the homepage is a better compromise? Something for me to think about at least. Cheers.

If you do have any more examples, I'd love to see them. user added image

@Mark: Cheers. Yeah, the fate of that side bar is hanging in the balance lol. But, I agree, I will add a darker stroke to the text and turn the opacity of the background images down. Thanks.

@Gen: Wow, I missed all that. Thanks for the history recap. user added image

@cgisoul: Yeah, I didn't like that one too much, but I get the idea behind the layout. Would you loose the side bar and add extra thumbnails?

@bullet: Ahhhh, well spotted, or not spotted... however that works user added image I will add those, a very good idea, thanks!

Thank everyone!

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