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It can make some level of sense depending on how 'out of sync' the match-move is.

I've been doing a lot of 2D tracking of cell phones to lay in graphics lately, and each time I had to tweak the shutter settings to match. In AE, the defaults would put the image way out of sync because it was sampling from the current frame and after. I'd suggest trying these tweaks:

find out what shutter speed the clip was shot on and set your shutter accordingly (since maya doesn't have exact shutter speed, you'll have to do a calculation. 1 frame of motion blur = 1/[camera frame rate], .5 frames of motion blur = 1/([camera frame rate]*2).

set the shutter phase (maya's equivalent is shutter open/close, but I don't know vrays so you'll have to figure that... a quick google search revealed that it has a physical camera model, which could be useful) to something just before the current frame to just after...

in AE the sweetspot for most of my work was [shutter phase]-180 [shutter angle]360, which translates to motion blur starting from half a frame earlier, and ending half a frame after. With keyframe easing turned on the tracking data (which had a keyframe every frame) favored the center frame with nice smudging on the edges.

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