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Extruding inwards - smooth mesh preview is jagged

Hello all,

I sincerely apologize for my terrible ability to be able to troubleshoot problems in Maya by searching for the error or disapproval of something but I am having a problem with how polygons look when they are extruded inwards to create some sort of depth. I am following an introductory tutorial for Maya by Digital Tutors and the instructor often likes to extrude inwards to give some additional detail.

Problem with this is that they appear to look jagged in the smooth mesh preview for what is supposed to somewhat resemble a circular shape. I have tried adding edge loops and bevels all around the object, as well as inside only certain edges within the object but have either ended up getting too much of a square shape or just smaller but numerous jagged lines. I believe it is because of the way Maya smooths the vertices and because the jagged points on the smooth mesh preview aren't actual vertices, it seems rather hard to straighten out.

I have no experience really with sub-d's so if this is a problem resolved using sub-d's, I suppose I will try using those to model out my shape.

Here are some screenshots of what I would eventually like to really straighten out without making the shape too squared off:

I also just wanted to point out that I have tried to move those vertices closer together but the smooth mesh preview doesn't necessarily look any better than it did before... I understand that the texturing process can really kind of cover up some of these less-than-appealing areas by using some sort of dark or low-light look but I would still like these to look as sharp and smooth as possible. The instructor is clearly trying to get a point across in this intro course but I would still like to know how to be able to fix these extruded-in faces to look better.