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hey guys,

i just did some batch render tests on maya 2013/MR, i am super pleased with what maya 2013/MR will do now

i got a scene which i hav been working on from maya09. its so big that its got tons of textures and alphas, and its heavily render layered. despite almost all possible efforts have been made to optimise the scene, the render layer that s got numbers of characters in, and with ray tracing on, will still go into slow-thinking-batch-render mode with maya 09/MR .

but when i took the same file and batch render in maya13/MR, sweet time flies, my MR batch renders my heavy layers with characters like chopping spring onions, one chop tightly after another finished.

here i shall express my sincere appreciation to autodesk for making maya better

right, back to the topic problem, now that i hav found out the biggest reason to render using maya13/MR, i just hav to figure out why maya13/MR would not use the .map texture. otherwise, my render machines, which only got 2G ram for each, would go crash when batch render

any enlightment would be appriciated