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You know what man? you just totally crossed the line!

Having input to critique a fellow member is one thing, but between you're unending harassment of me via my inbox with your constant verbal insults and turrets-like assaults (which have been reported already once, and you having been ignored by me since), and now using this otherwise sublime public forum to lambast me for what you perceive to be your right as God's gift to the world as chief douche-bag of the Universe, I've had it.

I have been cordial, frank and to the point with you. And frankly, I'm done with it. Time for you to go bye bye.

Hey Mods, I don't appreciate this guy attacking me any more for no Goddamn reason...or any reason period. For whatever the cause, he is becoming obsessed with me. I don't know what that attraction is. I don't know why he is so hyper-focused on little old me and my rather inconsequential posts here on the forum. But if you are not going to do anything, I'm going to spell out publicly exactly how I feel here. He threw down the gauntlet. So, if you'll forgive me, I have the right to cross the line of being Mr. Nice guy tolerating the lower life-forms for the moment.

How about a little assist? Or is that too much to ask? He kind of reminds me of that character in the gaming world on South Park...You know, the little twit that runs up and kills all the characters and does his little ass-dance that might as well have him wearing a butt-plug through his flaming pink hot-shorts? That guy? Yeah, Dom, you're kind of like that.

Mods, I know I've only been here a short time, but I enjoy this forum and play by it's rules. If you don't want normal, kind hearted, decent and cool people like me coming here, potentially spending money on tutorials and training, and interacting with fellow artists in a respectful manner on the forums, and instead want pre-Cambrian troglodytes with the tact and moral turpitude of a gnat pissing off your members, I'll be happy to leave and take my contributions elsewhere.

I don't want this guy contacting me, replying to ANY of my threads, responding to ANY of my posts in OTHER threads (by direct address or inference) or talking about me in any of the above going forward on this forum. If he stays here, he needs some new and set rules to go by other than "play nice with others" specifically where I'm concerned. Either he abides by them or Ban his a**.This is total Bull-**** at this point. Those are my official requests as a rule-following member.

I'll leave the choice to you. You obviously know about this guy by our recent conversation regarding his M.O.

And Dom, seriously...? Go **** yourself. I doubt you'd have the option with anything other than that prospect. But really, that's okay bunky...the one of you deserve each other.


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