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Leopard 2A4M CAN

Been a long time since I've last posted anything here. Been working on a personal project for a bit, its a little slow but trying to get it done.

I'm modeling the Leopard 2A4M CAN. Ever since Canada has acquired the Leopard 2 tanks (A4's from Netherlands and 6's from Germany), I've been interested in those tanks especially with the Canadian variants kinda being like a mish-mash of the A4's to A7's models.

So I tried my luck at building a tank even though I know the treads themselves will be a poly nightmare (I'm not going lowpoly but will try to be conservative with the polycount). Here's a few shots of what I have.

My workflow, isn't exactly organized since I go back and forth with the hull, the armor, suspension, etc. So, any comments are welcome be it harsh or nice user added image!


[Edit] Forgot to mention, I am modeling the tank off the German A4 blueprints and using several reference pics of the Canadian A4's. A bit tough since some parts aren't integrated into the blueprints and have to kind of wing them.

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