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Hi Dave. Yes it is.

I actually sort of touched on this in another thread today (Woman with suspenders) as a reply to the artist on his project, but I'll quickly reiterate here...

The last time I posted here, I had just started thinking about doing my first 3d female. After the brouhaha (whats in the past is in the past), I realized that, while I'm a competent enough artist, I never really did the homework on human anatomy. l always sort of cheated it for my job(s), you know?

When facing the actual 3d tutorial, I realized it just wouldn't be advisable at my present (at the time) 2d skill set for the finished 3d model I wanted, you know?

So, before I even attempted the tutorial I'm working on now (on my 4th base mesh attempt now finally that I started getting the knack of it), I decided to go and do a 6 week study of female anatomy, took a few life drawing sessions, looked at what was out there for a good reference series to use (finding none to my liking really for what I wanted to pull off with the final model), and decided in the end to just render out my own as a fully realized character in order to start the Maya base mesh.

So yes, you are looking at that render, which took me then 4 weeks (I also wanted to be able to use her in the end for a 2d pop-piece for an art show next year, so I really took my time), excluding the outfits, which were another 2 plus weeks on top. So this the result of a total 12 week process.

I decided to do a fun reveal video and that's what's been posted. I forewent showing the completed side view companion render because I didn't want to make her available publicly outright. I'll be doing stuff with her at some point. So you're only seeing the 90% completed 2d rendered model.

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