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Fine-tuning of image planes - how?

I got a problem with some slight height differences between the three image planes I’m using to model after. I need to adjust this somehow, but given the very small differences in height then I’m not sure how to do it. I’m aware that I can go into attributes of each image plane and adjust its position along the y- and x-axis that way; however I found it rather hard to get it in the exact height when just dealing with numbers there. What I’m basically looking for is a easier way to do it – if there for example are any similar tools to the “Polygon move tool” that could be used on image planes to move them up and down. Or if there are any other possible solutions to it.

Here is the height difference between the profile and front plane:
user added image

And the difference between the profile and the top plane. The black x is approximately where it is now, while the red x indicates where it is supposed to be:
user added image

It's worth noting that my profile plane is slightly higher than the one from the front, as I draw into some features from the roof into the profile in order for me to remember how the roof in connection with the side should look.

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