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Help me, I am so lost! (Searching for good tutorials)


I am new here and already lost. user added image First of all, english is not my native language so please be kind to my bad grammar and spelling. user added image

I started moddeling with Maya about 4-5 month ago when i started my studies but i didnt realy trained very much since then. Now i want to get some training again because I maybe want to change my main courses.
So i took myself a task to design a helicopter wich should lift bigger thinks. (Thats why it is shaped like it is. user added image )
(See attachment)
So i started by laying out the outlines from the side and then mostly used "extrude" to get the main shapes. The Helicopter should look like it is made of big plates but i also want som round shapes and an overall modern look. Right now I realy keep using this edged look because I dont understand the mechanics of crease and smothe and all the other usefule tools. (Well i know how it should worke but i realy dont know why i keep failing. user added image)

Just so you know what i want to learn;

- the general approach on how to design vehicles (Start with big quads and then splitting them into pieces?)
- how to make curved edges between plates, how should i bulg plates to the outside or inside ?
- how can I lock Faces with multiple vertices so they dont get an edge by accident
- how can i extend faces without adding an edge by accident
- how can i repeat specific structures withing a a model?
- many more thinks i dont know

When i want to duplicate for example the rotorblades, i use duplicate special with a rotation of 90 degrees but when i use this setting none of the blades turn exactly the way i want it. (they miss their place for a few inches)

Do you guys know a good, extensive tutorial wich doesn't just scratches the surface but teaches the viewer some techniques or approaches within modeling? I am sure you don't want to hear this but optionally, a free tutorial would be great since I am one of those poor students. user added image
I already watched a tutorial wich was about 9 hours longe but most of the time the tutor tried to form acceptable sentences or explain the fiewer how to use a checkbox.

Thanks for your help. user added image

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