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Animating a rigged character - Problem keying at time zero

Hi there,
I have a fully rigged characters and would like to start learning how to animate it.
But I've problems keying the character at time zero to it STAYS in that pose at time zero.

In may case, when I'm set a key at time zero and move the time slider to let's say 10 seconds, and set another key, it doesn't animate the character. But if I move back to time zero and key again, I have an animation from time 10 to 0...

I've set Maya to:
key on "All manipulator handles and keyable attributes"
Set keys at "current time"
Set "Auto key" in Prefs

I just want to 'freeze/key' my character at time zero. That's all.

Sure I miss something very basic here.
Any help would be highly appreciated!