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I've never seen anything about creating a "character set" I'll definitely look into it. Let me restate what I'd like to know though, just for clarity, since this seems to be such an obvious thing that I can't believe it's not built-in already:

For example, suppose I have a keyframe set at frame 150 for a specific objects position, etc. And, at that same frame I also have set several attributes such as glow, color, and incandescence. The point being that at frame 150 I want the object to do something specific and I need the glow, incandescence, etc. to all change/happen at that same frame.

Then, suddenly I find that I need to move everything so it all happens at frame 140 instead of 150. I can cut-and-paste the key tick in the timeline, or use the Dope Sheet editor and select every setting at 150 and move it to 140. But neither of those methods move the glow, incandescence, color attributes--those still stay at frame 150 (from what I've found, at least.) That's frustrating, since I don't see these attributes listed in the dope sheet editor either, so now they're orphaned back at 150.

Is there nowhere to see a list of attributes (those in the Attribute Editor) and at what keyframes they are set?

And/or, is there no option to select a keyframe in the timeline and also grab every other attribute set at that same keyframe, so you can then move them all together?

As many times as I've needed this, I just cannot believe the capability wouldn't have been built-in to Maya since version 1.0. But who I'm asking.