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Question about changing a fish model to a different texture color

Ok, So. I am attempting to use this cool fish I bought from Turbosquid. We were allowed to do this by our teacher as our FIRST! Maya project, but we had to alter the fish, or other types of character's allowed. (after giving proper credit to whomever made the model), as a practice form of learning how to sort of "reverse engineer" the model, and how to re-texture or add our own enhancements and that sort of thing to the model. So Our teacher is out of town on a family emergency, and our TA doesn't really answer E-mails. S o as a member, I figured I would ask some of the people here. The Fish is originally a gold looking fish with white teeth (first attachment pic, Fish Front View)

I am trying to change him into a green colored fish with a cool green scale texture I found online....Problem is this. Except for the eyelids, the fish is one big polygon and NURBs group. So when I change his color...his teeth change with it. Now he has green scale teeth. Does anyone know of anyway to get the teeth to remain white, or would I have you guys need to actually see the MA file to know how to do that. I figured I would ask, and if anyone has any ideas, great, if not that is fine, but I do need to figure out a way to re-texture at least part of him for the assignment. Any help would be appreciated...thanksuser added image

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