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Texture resolution: a never ending story

Hi all,

I was searching for threads regarding texture resolution. I found tons of them: now i am more confused as before!!user added image
I have in generally a misunderstanding about texture resolution in Maya and I hope you can help me out of this.
I modeled a purification plant and now struggling with texture resolution especially on the big sedimentation tanks which are 25 meters long. Now, putting a texture on a wall of 25 meters, need one of 20'000 MP to maintain that crispy and sharp. I made the texture seamless and I tried to put some edge rings in order to split up the wall in 5 meters segments and project the texture on every 5 m segment with a planar mapping. Now, it is possible to see where every segments starts and end even if the texture is seamless. If I chose a concrete texture with some color nuances then it is more obviously that the objects is putted together.

How can i overcome this issue? And how can I overcome the issue that the textures are so blurry after have mapped the texture in Photoshop? I'm using mainly UV Maps of 2048.

You all, I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Many thanks for your help and support in this forum! It is a great that you are spending much time explaining stuff to Maya newbies like me. Much appreciated!