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Zoidzilla (Gojulus)

So I wanted to immortalise this blast from my past in 3D. Well, it was already 3D, but you know...
Don't ask what methods I use to model stuff. I guess it varies At the moment, it's just a collection of pieces. Nothing has a name, even. Sloppy, but nobody is paying me; I'M the boss here. It's not posed at all cus I just find it easier to keep everything oriented straight until the end.
No idea if I'm gonna map textures onto it, or just create a bunch of materials. I've never really explored what you can do with the hypershade cus it makes no sense at all. It's more fun to take a UV map into Photoshop and just go wild, but it always looks pretty a video game, so...I dunno. I'll post more pics as I finish it
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