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glass won't cast shadows

Hello everybody,

I have I problem with my rendering my scene. In my scene I have two separate objects, a wall and wooden window. What I would like is to be able to see the light passing through the window and the shadow has the shape of a window. For that I placed point and spot behind the window. In AE of spot light I turned on ray trace shadows and set light radius to 2, shadow rays 40 and ray depth limit 4. In mental ray settings I anabled raytracing and set reflaction, refraction and max trace depth to 1. For the wood I created a 3d wood texture and assign it to the faces where I want wood to be and I assign mia material to the faces where there is glass. And when I render I can't see the shadow of a window. Beside the two lights I also have Physical Sun and Sky enabled. So I would very much appreciate help on this user added image

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