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Make vertex normals point in same direction

Hey guys! My first post on this forum, glad to be here!

I have a problem with the 'average vertex normal' command.

I have a human mesh, separated into two parts - head and torso.

On the edge where the head and torso are connected, the vertex normals point in different direction,
which makes the shading inconsistent. Easy fix, I thought. I selected all the vertices on torso and neck edges, then issued the 'average vertex command'. However, the results are not as expected, the vertices still point in different directions as you can see on the image below:

I just want to make the normals point in the same direction. I also tried combining the mesh, running the average command through all the vertices (which fixes the shading problem), but when I try to transfer attributes back to the separated mesh, it just turns black... This issue has been frustrating me for the last couple of days, so I would really appreciate any help! How to make vertices on two separate meshes have the same angle? Thanks so much!

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