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Basic Texturing

...thank you for your indulgence...most of the tutorials im finding online not beginner stuff so here goes...anything more than a box that I make, say a staircase...I apply a pic as a projected texture. The texture goes on stretched. So I try mapping it under the create UVs menu and choose the method according to the general geometry. In the case of a staircase either as a plane or automatic mapping, have also tried Roadkill and get same results. At the best one side of the object may look correct.
Sooo, should I be mapping textures face by face? Or at least mapping all the faces that make a side of the object? I can use the projection manipulator for basic texture placement and tiling but it just seems like im missing alot.
If you guys have some good suggestions for tutorials etc plz link.
Thanks for your time

think I figured something out so plz tell me if this is correct. Of course use spherical and cylindrical mapping as appropriate but on the flat surfaces like stairs I will want to map the faces that can be flatly mapped from one direction of mapping. So for the stiars I can project the tex downward for all the faces looking up and a second one for the faces facing front?

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