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Hey Luciferrrrr ;-)
Wow, much improved and very detailed. Scene looks much more interesting.
I really like how mother nature is taking back the urban area.
And the facades are looking more realistic with the signboards.
I still have an issue with sizes.(sorry to be particular with this, but I think the right sizes are important for the realistic look) The cars seem ok now comparing to the buildings but the road lanes seem too wide for a car. I just checked and depending on country and of course type of the street/road the width of one lane varies from 2.5 up to 3.6 m, the smaller size for for in-town roads, the bigger size for highways. Here it looks like the lanes are on the bigger size. A salon car has approx a width of 2.1 m. In comparison the lane width looks bigger. What I would do is raising a middle island between the two directions maybe 1 m in width, and shift the marking, so that the lanes are getting smaller.
One other thing, some items like the bus station, the road marking and the lamp posts look still like brand new. Somebody came after the apocalypse and did some refurbishment and painting ;-). What do you think? All over very much improved and interesting, you put a lot of effort in. Keep it up!!!