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UV Distortion Maya 2016


Ok although I am new at this I have watched considerable video's on getting UV's scaled and maximized in 0 to 1 space. I have used UVLayout with Maya plugin in version 2016. I have broken my GEO out into various components in order to maximize pixel density for use in substance designer/painter. However, this is my very first model completely built on my own along with UV mapping. I hope you can see some issues I am having from the screen shots. Some shots have Maya built in checker pattern from UV check and distortion algorithm at work while the others I have applied an actual checker material via the editor itself. I thought the goal is to get the pixel density the same size while maintaining good distortion. However, it appears the two are working against each other. I either get good distortion appearance (by white colored appearance) but then actual texture looks horrible with different checker sizes. When I scale down one set of UV's it goes horribly red but the actual sizes of the UV pieces appear comparable to others. Could that UV map in particular be corrupted for that one piece of GEO?

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