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Interiors and Furniture in Maya 2016

I'm sympathetic to all people who make Maya tutorials because Maya updates the UI so frequently, tutorials expire quickly.

I've done most of the Hard Surfaces tutorial make with Maya 2015- which was really great. But for about 20% of the video, I either couldn't figure out how to do it in 2016, or could figure it out only through web research. (One of the problems with being a beginner is you can't find alternate methods).

Anyway, I would buy the Interiors and Furniture tutorial - it looks awesome - but it's 2014 and I'd just hit my head against a wall even more with the 2014 interface. I know I could download an old version, but 2016 really has some features that make things easier, and I hate to lose those benefits.

Anyway, if you do an update, let me know!