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For me, lighting is a LOT of trial and error.

Right now the lighting seems a bit too dark so unless that's the look your going for you might try bumping up the lighting a little. Might also add a little more shine on the floor, but again it depends on the look you're going for. I think most gyms with wood floors have more of a shine on them.

You could also try to soften up the shadows a little bit. They seem a little too harsh.
Are you using any global illumination or final gather? The light just seems too confined and not spreading out or bouncing around correctly.

I think it's the little things like dark areas being too dark, the walls too evenly lit, etc. If you haven't already, just try playing around with global illumination and final gather and see if it helps you out any.

I really like your scene! With some more work on the lighting, I think it'll turn out pretty awesome. Good job so far!

Thanks bruh... Yea, I had wanted a poorly lit gym with few dark areas but, yea I think the dark areas are too dark. I'll work on that. And slight reflection too. And I do use FG, didn't use GI though...
Thanks again will post the progress soon