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XGen and Mental Ray


my name is Norbert and after a long break i have re-signed myself to this website!

I have a problem with the Rendering of my fur test with Xgen, especially when it comes up to raytracing shadows: At the quality settings of mental ray each option results in different strange render results. I uploaded a photo where you can see what i am talking of. In case of the "Legacy Rasterizer Mode" the Shadow of my character is placed correctly but there appear some kind of square boxes at the fur. In case of the "Unified sampling" the placement of the shadow caused by my character stops at the mesh (and is not covering the rest of the fur too). The "legacy sampling method" results in a ugly render of the fur.
I am new at Xgen and not familiar with mental ray (always used Software) so it might be that i overlooked something very simple or basic. But my research for "strange squares Xgen mental ray" on Google did not delivered the desired answer to me so i decided consulting the Simply Maya community.

So does anyone knows how i can get rid of these things?

Thanks in advance for any Post :-) !



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