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Connection Editor - Face MoCap Connection to Blendshapes

Hi all!
I’m struggling with connections in the Connection Editor.
I’ve got a facial MoCap file which I would like to connect to the blendshapes of my model.
When I select the ‘Head’ locator and load that into the Connection Editor, I can find the data which I can link to my blendshapes. No issues there.
It - looks - like the markers are parented to this head locator.
But when I create a new locator and parent the markers to that new locator, I cannot find the data in the Connection Editor when loading this new locator.
I even tried ‘Parent Constrain’ to parent these markers to a new locator. Same. Cannot find the data in the Connection editor.
Can someone explain me how to connect this mocap data/locators to a new locator so I can find the data in the Connection Editor?

Link to the Maya .mb file:

Thx in advance for the help!

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