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The Seance Table (WIP - Class Project) Help please?

Hello. I would like to share my major class project for my "Textures and Lighting" college course, called our "Tabletop Scene". We have the option of choosing our own theme and tables, and since I'm a big fan of halloween/spooky things, I created a scene called the "Seance Table".

user added image

As you can tell, it's still a work in progress. The scene is VERY dimly lit, since I want it to be lit by just candlelight. I will be adding more candles to my scene. FYI, I am using a render engine that people on this forum may not relate to or know how to use, which is Renderman, Pixar's engine.

What I would like some tips on are some ideas of what else to put on the table, we need at least 20 objects, and may I get some tips on how to add dust on my objects, to make my scene look old and real? My teacher suggested I add dust to make those cobwebs stay in place. Renderman has a PXRLayeredSurface material which puts a texture layer of dirt on top of the base material, but I never clearly understood the video tutorials, since it is a complex shader. I would just use a texture map, but that won't work with the reflective metal/glass materials. What other ways can I add dust? NParticles? How do I make the dust stick to the objects in the scene? I wish there was a dust brush in the Visor or something. Is there a plugin I can use?

Nevertheless, I hope you all enjoy this WIP so far, and I look forward to hearing your critiques.

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