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How would you suggest I proceed?


I’m experimenting with some architectural viz work and wanted to get you all’s suggestions on how to proceed with the roof and molding for my project.

I created a mediterranean style home and wanted to add the ceramic tile roof as well as some molding along the top edges. I downloaded some nice meshes but am wondering about the most efficient way to go about adding the details to my house

Molding: Came with a straight section and two inner/outer corner (90 degree angle) sections.
Question: The best option I’ve come up with is to delete the faces in the mesh that are too long in order to get the molding to fit along the border. I can’t help but assume there’s a more efficient (better) way of doing this. Hence the reason I’m asking..

Ceramic Tile Roof: Same problem here as with the molding.
Question: Do I simply go to face mode and delete the faces that are longer than the roof’s edge then move the remainder of the mesh in place.

*Note: When I scale either (roof or molding) the size simply looks strange when applied to the house. My goal is to get these detail elements to mimic the believable.

I couldn’t think of a better group to pose these questions to and thank you for any/all suggestions you throw my way. Thank you!!

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