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SP2 is a very nice painter no doubt, and as you say you can produce half decent results very quickly.

I'll look into getting some training up for it. I'm trying to push out 3 full tutorials a month at the moment so there will be 2 out this week probably over the weekend. I just finished them today.

Next up will be some interior lighting and rendering in Arnold, then we move on to explode the lego car i just built because who does not love to blow stuff up. After than i'm gong to do i think a series on bifrost. We've also got a couple of guest instructors lined up and I still have not had chance to talk to kurt about a 3D printing series, so a lot coming up i'll add SP2 to the list.

I forgot I've also got a quick rigging for character posing that's about 80% done just waiting on Mr Edwards to finish the weight painting.

So hopefully in that lot somewhere will be somthing of interest to you.
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