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Please help... PC freezes during ncloth cache and/or ncloth timeline playback

Hello everyone,
I'm really getting frustrated about using ncloth because it always end up giving me one problem or the other. Now i have successfully set up the ncloth fairly well on the character however, whenever i wanna cache the animation to view the ncloth sim it starts well and then freezes my PC eventually and I would have to do a force shutdown. I'm I overworking the PC or I'm i doing something wrong. The ncloth thickness is set to very low so it can't be that. It's a short clip not a game character so, I'm gonna need that cloth simulation if I can. And I won't be able to troubleshoot the ncloth setting of I don't see how it runs throughout the scene.
My scene comprises of:
2,000 frames
127,139 faces
And the character with the ncloth has 22,582 faces
While the shirt and trouser with the ncloth has 18,000 faces
The second character has 12,504 faces
Which all sum up to be 199,901 faces
My PC specs:
Windows 10
Core i7-2600 @ 3.4ghz
8gig ram (i have 2x 4gig but, they crash my pc often so i took 'em off)
Nvidia GT 730 4gig (I know it's one of the crappiest gpu but, that's what I can get for now)
Maya 2015

What are your suggestions please?