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I definitely see an improvement. I remember a previous animation where a wolf was chasing a guy and this one is more nuanced and has better camera work. There are still some timing issues so the characters’ movements are lacking a bit of weight and force. Each punch and kick are the same speed all the way through so they appear kind of “floaty” and lack emphasis. You're headed in the right direction and I see that you've added some dust fx too. Next up, motion blur. Keep going!

A decent USB condenser mic and a pop filter (or shield\guard same thing) is a good starter if you’re doing your own voice work. Better quality sound and words with "b" and "p" won't send sharp gusts of breath into the recording.

Hey, Gen...
I'm really glad you remember me and I feel really motivated that someone cares about the progress. It means a lot to me, especially coming from a professional like you.
I'm definitely gonna put all that into consideration when doing my next clip. Not to ruin the surprise, I won't say what it's about but, you'll see. user added image
Thank you once again Gen.

PS: Yea, I do the voice over myself and I'm thinking of getting a better mic as soon as I can afford one. Right now I'm stuck with a shotgun mic... I know it's messed up user added image

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