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Blendshape with multiple targets, and targets with multiple in-between targets

This is a blenshape set up I managed to do on another rig a while back but can't recall how to replicate.

I have one blendshape (head 0) with multiple target shapes (heads 1-7) for different character faces (for custom avatars in a unity proj). I put two in-between targets on each of those target shapes for eye blinks (so 0 = eyes open Head 0, .25 = Head 1- lids half closed(deliberately shaped, like for keying in animation), .5 = Head 1- eyes closed, 1 = Head 1- eyes open)

So for a character I'd use head 0 as default, weight=1. For different face I'd also add Target 1 (Head 1) weight set to 1. For that blink animation I'd animate the weight by setting animation keys to .5, .25, then 1 again.

I'm trying to set this up again on another rig built the same way, but when I add the second in-between to a target shape, it appears one or the other in-between targets don't stick, as if that in-between target wasn't there. I feel like this is an order of operations kind of thing to be fixed, but after trial and error I can't replicate it. Any advice or insight would be much appreciated.

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