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Driving per particle position with mash points

Looking for a way for nparticles to be driven by a MASH network.

Specifically so that the looping signal node animation can be applied to the particles. Ideally, in the case of having 20 points, each MASH point would drive one of the 20 nParticles positions.

Attempted to write a runtime expression:

nParticleShape1.position = MASH.positions
But although it does set the position correctly on the current frame once created, it fails to evaluate on every other frame during playback.

Attempted connecting the two attributes using python:

cmds.connectAttr( 'MASH.positions', 'nParticleMashShape.position')
But I get a runtime error: The attribute 'MASH.positions' cannot be connected to 'nParticleMashShape.position'.
And a warning: Connection from MASH.positions ---> nParticleMashShape.position was not allowed. You can only connect to a per-particle attribute from another per-particle attribute on the same shape or from an arrayMapper or particleAgeMapper node. This may cause subsequent connections to fail during duplication with the "-ic" flag.

If this is just not possible, what would be a decent approach to have the nParticles animated positions loop seamlessly?