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Okay, well, I got that fixed So...rolling back to an earlier version of Maya was not the play. I have no idea why Maya 2010 was crashing, so I decided to try again in Maya 2019. The crashes were infuriating and time-wasting, so better to attack the issue of the grainy renders.
Anyways, I decided to try again at eliminating all the Mental Ray nodes, but this time, instead of trying to identify them in the outliner, I used the MEL command:
unknownPlugin -remove "Mayatomr";
The renders SEEM fine now. I haven't checked fully cus I'm currently on a batch render at low quality, to see if it can complete. I think it will, because batch renders ALWAYS stalled on frame 41 before, and it's on 61 right now
Once it's complete, I'll do a high quality render in an area I know had bad grain.
So...yeah.. I have no idea what was causing the crashing, but...problem solved. Hopefully my question helps someone else who has the same problem, so if there's an "issue resolved" sticker or whatever, pop it on here!