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# 11 01-04-2003 , 09:13 AM
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Battle Request

To: Anyone
Topic: Female Body
Modeling Type: whatever - I am using mainly polys but maybe nurbs to get basic shape.
Textures: No - I don't have time
Must show refs and quite a few screenshots
Time Limit: 1 month - sorry guys , just that im going to struggle finishing as it is - but if we are both there or there abouts then cool!

Rules - I created a female body last week but rushed through it so wanted to better it - now this is a big project so: This sounds silly but I really want to concentrate on the body only - no head as yet as I really wont have the time, but maybe we can add as we go? The female needs to be curvy. She can have either bare feet , boots or shoes. She may have a dress (no cloth used) and may have a top but the body must been seen. The final overall body should be quite sensual / sexy.

Hands or gloves can be used