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Battle Request

To: anyone that want to practice their animation skills

Topic: Animating a 10second audio clip from the 10secondclub animation group for the month of April

Models: You can use your own, or a pre-modeled/rigged character.

Textures: None, concentration and emphasis should be placed in the animation.

Resolution: 320x240 Mpeg1 for wider viewing audiance

Time Limit: 1 month, the end of April.

Rules: Ok, I'm hoping the next audio clip from for April will be a good one to animate to. It's not out yet, but in a couple of days we'll see what it is. We should show progress of our animation, and any animation tecnique you like is all good. Remember, This battle is for great character animation. pre-built models/rigs recommended as it will give you more time to concentrate on the animation as well. I can post the link to the audio clip as soon as it becomes available.... Let's get ready to ruuuuummmmble! user added image

God Bless you and 3D

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